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Joined Together

by B. J. O. Nordfeldt


Sarlos describes the fourth bill of the first New York season as “lamentable.”(1)  The bill opened on December 15 and the only play ever submitted by Nordfeldt to the Players opened the evening.  Joined Together had originally been submitted under the title Whom God Hath Joined and no extant copy is known to exist.  The program for the bill, which misspells Nordfeldt’s name, lists five characters for the play: The Painter, a cocksure young man of twenty-three, played by Richard Silvester; John Torrence, Professor at the University, played by Henry Marion Hall, himself an English professor at Columbia University; Miss Smith, known as the Baby, played by Margaret Swain; Peter Barlow, friend and roommate of the Painter, played by Rene de la Chapelle; and Sally, Peter’s wife, played by Nordfeldt’s wife Margaret.  In a letter to Sarlos written in 1964, even Margaret seems to have forgotten this play by her husband, even though she acted in it. 

© Jeff Kennedy 2007.

(1) Sarlos, Provincetown 111.