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The information on this website has been written and/or collected by Dr. Jeffery Kennedy, with site design consulting by Michael Whimper.  Dr. Kennedy is currently an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University in the Program in Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance.  He has a Masters degree and Ph.D. in Educational Theatre from New York University, where, as a teaching fellow, he was part of the reopening in 1998 of the Provincetown Playhouse.  He designed the historical gallery inside the Playhouse and wrote a 28-page monograph titled The Provincetown Playhouse: a Legacy Continues that celebrates the history of the Playhouse.  He led tours of the Playhouse for NYU, Greenwich Village historical groups, and for the Museum of the City of New York.  Also in 1998, he created and produced with Dr. Lowell Swortzell the award-winning “New Plays for Young Audiences” reading series, which gave playwrights the opportunity to workshop new scripts, most of which have gone on to national acclaim; this program continues today and continues the legacy of producing new American plays for which the Playhouse was first created.  His dissertation is titled “The Artistic Legacy of the Provincetown Playhouse” and he is currently finishing a book on the history of the Playhouse.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Kennedy with questions or comments about this site, to ask questions about the history of the Playhouse, or to share information that you think pertinent about the plays, playwrights or history of the Playhouse.  His research is ongoing, as is the development of this website.

To email Dr. Kennedy, click here or contact him at

To contact Dr. Kennedy via postal mail, write him at:
Dr. Jeffery Kennedy
Arizona State University
P.O. Box 37100
Phoenix, AZ   85069

Dr. Kennedy also has a large collection of historical photos about the history of the Provincetown Playhouse that can be displayed at universities, libraries, galleries and museums, all with captions as well as program notes, ready to be shipped and easily assembled. It has been a featured gallery installation at Arizona State University and was displayed for the opening of the new Provincetown Public Library.